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Your personal financial assistant 24/7

for Free!

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  • Bank products

    Do you need a bank account for transactions or savings? Describe your needs to FINMATEX, and it will help you to choose from the variety of offers exactly what you want.

  • Bank and communication with it

    Do you need an information about the bank or its products? Ask FINMATEX, and it will give you exhaustive information. Not enough information? FINMATEX will redirect you to a chat with a bank employee, a bank chatbot or a website.

  • Nearest branches of the bank and ATMs

    Do you need a branch or ATM, but do not know where it is located? Ask FINMATEX to show the nearest one.



  • Stock prices and charts

    Do you want to get information about the stock? Enter its ticker and FINMATEX will report its value and build a chart.

  • News and articles

    Do you want to know all the main news or read articles about personal finance? FINMATEX will carry out daily mailings.

  • Glossary and Help

    Don’t know the financial term or don’t understand how to work with a chatbot? Ask FINMATEX, and it will gladly answer your question.


Core Benefits


FINMATEX is a new generation assistant that is able to recognize your commands and answer questions.

Time saving

Instant information retrieval from FINMATEX and banks, and usage of geolocation.

Free of charge

Simply add FINMATEX to your Facebook Messenger contact list and you will have a free financial assistant.

Saving and multiplying money

The choice of products that will help you to save and augment capital.