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Lizaveta Martusevich

Sales Assistant

Take a look at a 45-min DEMO where we’ll explain how FINMATEX can boost your clients’ experience with a powerful marketplace and AI assistance. Choose the most suitable time for you and our Digital Transformation and strategy consultant Lizaveta Martusevich will answer your questions and describe how FINMATEX can help your business grow bigger.

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    Platform in Brief

    FINMATEX is a Fintech Intelligence Platform with extensive possibilities for building and managing own-branded sophisticated mobile apps charged by a full spectrum of finance-related features from managing banking and investment accounts to AI-based Personal finance management.

    FINMATEX is an all-in-one solution that enables Financial Organizations to offer their customers both full-cycle finance management and exceptional AI-based customer experience.

    Individual approach

    Individual approach

    The platform can be fully customized on-
    demand to the needs of each Financial Organization (paid separately).

    Сomprehensive Support

    Сomprehensive Support

    24/7 support and regular software updates 4 times per year.

    Our Key Differences Bring Values
    for Platform’s Customers

    FINMATEX creates the Value for financial organization much bigger than
    subscription fee for the platform itself.

    AI-driven Costs and Savings

    The cost of the annual subscription is equal to the annual salary of several programmers. It is impossible to develop and maintain a good product with AI by the efforts of 3-5 programmers, which means that FINMATEX helps companies to significantly cut costs and save time.

    Saving Means Earning

    A 5-year FINMATEX subscription costs a maximum of $2.1 MLN + $100K (an approx. cost for the platform launch on your side) and saves you from $7MLN to $14 MLN. This means that your NET revenue for 5 years of FINMATEX use can range from $5 MLN to $10 MLN. This is how FINMATEX creates Value for organizations and makes ROI.

    No Direct Competitors

    FINMATEX provides far wider coverage of the fintech market with an extensive list of features in one solution, compared with many well-known competitors. The AI-enabled platform is universally suited for different financial institutions: banks, credit unions, financial advisors, investment funds, and others.

    Your organization may annually save up to...

    $1 MLN per year

    on clients interactions, sales costs,

    From $800K

    on the advertisement and new clients engagements

    $1 MLN

    on clients support in call centers and chats

    Up to 3 hours

    Could be saved by clients per months for interactions around organization’s fin. services

    +15% per year

    New clients attraction rate growth in comparison to non-FINMATEX partners

    Up to 30%

    Clients satisfaction rate can be grown

    *This is indicative numbers for organizations with a minimum of 2000 employees and a minimum of 50K clients. Real savings may vary depending on the particular cases at organizations.

    AI in personal finance

    The individual face of our platform is in its AI. Our unique AI in personal finances and investments management, in combination with all traditional banking functionality and flexibility, is our biggest competing advantage.

    Business Model and Custom Solutions - Finmatex FinTech Platrorm

    Mobile Apps for Your Clients

    • White-labeled and deployed into your App Store and Play Market
    • All necessary banking features for personal finance management
    • AI-based chatbots with financial marketplace
    • AI-based investments strategies
    • Financial organizations can personalize the necessary modules

    Administrative Web App for your organization

    • Custom branded, accessible from our cloud or can be white-labeled and installed on your server
    • Financial products management to promote them in mobile app
    • Easy-to-use Chatbots designer to automate communication with your clients in your mobile app
    • Investment and Trading AI strategies based on deep Machine Learning
    • Integration with Plaid. Insignificant integration efforts for a financial organization
    • Integration with Stripe, Open Bank Project (in future)

    Discover FINMATEX

    Unleash your business with AI-based solutions for
    Financial Organizations

    All-in-one App with AI assistance for
    Personal Finance Management