Own Branded Marketplace

Unlock all power of FINMATEX platform with building your o.wn marketplace with financial products from your organization and deliver to your customers new experience with using AI based financial products and services in own branded mobile application and chat bot.

A financial company can create on FINMATEX platform its own marketplace with own products and services under its own brand based on the platform components and functions.

Available plans

Included into plan Standard Active VIP Exclusive
One time setup fee (includes personal training, configurations and agreed limited set of customizations), up to two months Call us today for defining plan which is best for your organization. Start your marketplace now!
Fixed price per month
Number of active users who will use marketplace or mobile application is included in the prepaid package per month 5,000 10,000 25,000 Unlimited
All features are available for particular type of Financial Organization Included Included Included Included
Promotion of Financial Organization FINMATEX marketplace Included Included Included Included
Financial Organization account maintenance and assistance in customization of products, services, chatbot with Platform functionality, amount of support hours per month included into package 20 40 80 320

Any additional development and enhancements by request of Financial Organization can be developed for platform based on separate software development agreement. Learn more…

Marketplace in FINMATEX

Put products and services of your organization into FINMATEX marketplace. Available different options for partnering with FINMATEX marketplace.

Partner Plan
A financial company pays for every subscriber's activity like product order, application form, etc. The interaction is built both on the basis of existing companies partnership programs and on the basis of creating an individual cooperation program.
PlanA company pays per detailed information click on its products or a visit on its resource. Only one subscriber's request is paid during the current month, the rest of their requests are free. A company can choose one of the standard tariff plans or discuss the creation of an individual tariff plan.
Free Plan
A company is in the marketplace but has limitations on the resource usage. For example, there is no detailed information about products and no possibility to visit a company's website from the chatbot, therefore, these products are highlighted in the sample relative to other products, since have a stripped down functionality.

Available plans

Included into plan Basic Standard Active VIP Exclusive
Fixed price per month $0 Actual costs will be available after creation and approval of your organization’s account. Create account now
Number of FINMATEX active users included into prepaid package 0 1,000 4,000 10,000 Unlimited
Access to Chabot Designer No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Promotion of bank information in FINMATEX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Providing banking products in FINMATEX Limited product view Included into package
Service Plan (included into package)
Organization’s FINMATEX account maintenance and support in development of a customized chatbot, amount of man/hours included into package 0 20 40 80 160
Floating payments (per active users above prepaid plan)
Cost per active user per month beyond of prepaid plan Actual costs per user/months beyond of prepaid plan may varies depending of selected plan and will be available for your review after creation and approval of your organization’s account.

Custom solutions based on FINMATEX platform

We can create a fully-customized solution based on FINMATEX platform in accordance with business needs. This process have following stages:

1 Company business processes analysis
2 System modification by the client’s request during implementation
3 Personnel training and system start-up
4 Improvements after system implementation
2 months 6-15 months depending on the needs 2 months Ongoing after system launching
System implementation plan:

  • fixed one-time payment upon signing the contract;
  • conducting business analysis on the implementation of the platform;
  • proposals and work plans preparation;
  • development requirements determination.
If necessary, we carry out system improvements, changes, adaptation, deployment, implementation, and personnel training (up to 1 year).

The cost and duration of work for adaptation, refinement, and implementation are determined after the stage 1 implementation (company’s processes state analysis ).

Personnel training can be both online with all the training materials and in a client’s office. The entire process takes from 6 to 12 months. It will be only after performing stage 1.

Each client is able to add some new custom features to the system. It supposes to be a separate service.

Costs model

1.Company business processes analysis and preparation FINMATEX customization and development plan. One time fixed fee.
2.Payments for FINMATEX platform customization based on agreed customization and development plan.

3.Annual/monthly subscription after platform launching.
Fixed-Yearly or Monthly payment. Subscription includes:

  • 4 updates per year;
  • online presentations on new features and updates;
  • written support on how to work with the system;
  • standard support for the system operation, but not more than 10 hours per month.

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