Vision and Mission

We have a dream to help each person to have their own financial plan and its implementation. To teach people to competently manage their finances so that each one will look confidently into their future with excellent financial health.

Studies show that 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and only 25% have a personal financial plan. At the same time, most of them believe they do not have enough savings to begin managing personal finances. We want to change this situation!

Our primary mission is to develop and operationalize Finmatex, which is capable to fully execute the vision and Objectives:

  • Make a personal financial plan and financial advice accessible to everyone.
  • Use modern technology and AI to make the platform easy and convenient.
  • Provide access to modern financial technologies for a large set of users

Key Success Drivers

People & Culture

Our team drives Finmatex to success because full of inspired, ambitious and highly skilled experts in Finances, Operations, DevOps, Analytics, Engineering, Data Science, Statistics, Compliance, and Security ‘Financial experience’ generally refers to knowledge of core financial instruments. Softarex Technologies, Inc. has years of the great experience, dozens of completed projects behind its back, as well as lots of new and fresh ideas for future implementation.

Thanks to our experts and deep immersion in the sphere of Financial technologies, all the experience gained over the years has resulted in a product FINMATEX that has exceptionally great potential and perspective in the modern market.

FINMATEX team is a great mix of commercial and software geeks, outstanding mathematicians and promising financiers, arty designers and data analysts. Being the best in class and dedicated to change the financial world is what ties us together. All the members of the team hold academic qualifications in financial sphere and never stop learning.


Build-Test-Ship: We use iterative development (e.g. Scrum) and Design Thinking approach instead of industrial-age-inspired waterfall processes (e.g. Lean, Gantt). Work in rapid sprint cycles of 2-3 weeks. Take care of Business Value accountability and demonstration.

Highest Tech Standarts

New software development, compliance & security, expanding Data sources & Data quality; using proven AI-based algorithms and technologies, high-end Data Science technology, NLP, Chat Bots.

Demand for Innovations in Fintech

$39 BN Amount of global investments into Fintech in 2018
x2 grow into 2 times of investments volume into Fintech by comparing with 2017 ($18BN in 2017)
69% OR 3.8BN 69%­ of ­adults in the world,­ i.e., ­3.8­ billion­ people have­ an­ account ­with ­a ­bank ­or ­a­ mobile­ money­ provider
25% of employed people in USA have own personal financial plan
4 bln+ of customers In the world in around 4 billions of users for different financial services. All them require easier, faster way for getting financial services with extended abilities for finance management
200 mln out of 220 mlns Facebook users in the USA which may interested in financial services. In addition billions of smartphones and their owners around the world. All them may get services based on FINMATEX platform

Key drivers for Fintech sector growing in the world

User Base Between­ 2014 ­and­ 2017, ­the ­percentage ­of­ users­ sending ­and ­receiving ­payments­ digitally ­increased­­: from­ 67%­ to­ 76% ­globally; from­ 57%­ to­ 70% ­in ­the ­developing ­world; next step is a using more and services provided by Fintech
32% of traditional financial services organisations will adopt digital or mobile strategies, integrating FinTech from partners by 2020 as far they are not ready to go all in and invest fully in FinTech
60% grow by 2020 number financial organizations clients which will using mobile applications at least once a month to access financial services

Contact Us

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